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Welcome to LMT Virtual Services, your one-stop solution for all your tax and financial needs. Formerly known as Lawson Mobile Taxes, we've evolved to offer a comprehensive range of services that you can access from the comfort of your home or office. With our secure, user-friendly platform, managing your finances has never been easier.


Why Choose Us

At LMT Virtual Services, we combine decades of professional expertise with cutting-edge technology to offer you unparalleled convenience and personalized service. Our team of certified experts is committed to staying ahead of industry trends and regulations, ensuring that you receive the most accurate and effective financial solutions. We understand that every individual and business has unique financial needs, which is why we take the time to understand your specific situation and tailor our services accordingly. Your security is our top priority; our platform employs state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to safeguard your sensitive information. And when it comes to pricing, we believe in complete transparency—no hidden fees, no surprise charges. Choose LMT Virtual Services for a reliable, efficient, and personalized experience that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.



Our team is composed of certified professionals with decades of combined experience in tax preparation, financial planning, and bookkeeping. We stay updated with the latest industry trends and regulations to provide you with the most accurate and effective solutions.



In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key. That's why we've designed our services to be as accessible as possible. Our secure online platform allows you to manage your financial matters at any time, from anywhere. No need to schedule appointments or travel; all you need is an internet connection.


Personalized Service

Every individual and business has unique financial needs and goals. We take the time to understand your specific situation and tailor our services accordingly. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, you'll receive personalized attention that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.


Transparent Pricing

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to pricing. No hidden fees or surprise charges. You'll know exactly what you're paying for before we begin any work.



Your financial data is sensitive, and we treat it with the utmost care. Our platform uses state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to ensure that your information is safe and confidential.


Individual Tax Filing:

Tailored solutions for individual taxpayers to maximize deductions and credits.


Business Tax Filing:

Comprehensive tax services for businesses, including corporate tax, sales tax, and payroll tax.


Tax Planning:

Proactive strategies to minimize your tax liability throughout the year.


Personalized Service

Every tax client needs are different. We are here for all your tax questions and needs.


Audit Support:

Expert guidance and representation in case of an IRS audit.

Why choose lmt for your taxes!

Tax Preparation

At LMT Virtual Services, we've taken the complexity out of tax preparation and made it a seamless online experience. Our tax preparation services are designed to maximize convenience without compromising on accuracy or reliability. Utilizing state-of-the-art software and encryption technologies, we offer a secure platform where you can upload your tax documents, communicate with certified tax professionals, and even track the status of your tax return—all from the comfort of your home or office. Our team of experts stays abreast of the latest tax laws and regulations, ensuring that you benefit from every deduction and credit available to you. We offer a range of services that cater to both individual taxpayers and businesses, including income tax filing, tax planning, and audit support. With LMT Virtual Services, you're not just filing your taxes; you're making a strategic financial decision that could save you money and set you up for long-term success.

Additional Business Services Offered by LMT

Expert Guidance:

Our team of certified professionals has years of experience in tax preparation, financial planning, and bookkeeping. Clients can trust that they are receiving expert advice tailored to their specific financial situation.

Personalized Solutions:

We understand that each client has unique financial needs and goals. Our services are customized to meet these individual requirements, providing a more effective and personalized financial strategy.

Convenience & Accessibility:

Our services are fully virtual, allowing clients to manage their financial affairs at their own convenience. Whether it's late at night or during the weekend, our online platform is accessible 24/7.

Secure & Confidential:

Security is a top priority at LMT Virtual Services. Our online platform uses advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure that clients' sensitive financial information is protected at all times.

Comprehensive Service Offering:

From tax preparation and financial planning to bookkeeping and investment advice, we offer a wide range of services. This means clients can manage all their financial needs in one place, saving time and effort.

Transparent Pricing:

No hidden fees or surprise charges. Our pricing is transparent, allowing clients to know exactly what they are paying for. This builds trust and eliminates any financial uncertainties.

Our Story

Founded as Lawson Mobile Taxes, our humble beginnings were rooted in the local community where we provided mobile tax services to individuals and small businesses. As we recognized the growing need for more comprehensive and accessible financial solutions, we evolved into LMT Virtual Services. Today, we are proud to be a full-service virtual financial firm that serves clients across the nation. Our journey has been marked by a commitment to innovation, a deep understanding of the financial landscape, and an unwavering dedication to our clients. We've expanded our offerings to include a wide range of services—from tax preparation and financial planning to bookkeeping and investment advice. But despite our growth, our core values remain the same: reliability, efficiency, and personalized service. We've embraced technology to make financial management easier and more convenient for our clients, but we've never lost sight of the personal touch that sets us apart. At LMT Virtual Services, we're not just your financial service providers; we're your partners in achieving your financial goals.

Our Mission

At LMT Virtual Services, our mission is to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses approach financial management. We are committed to providing reliable, efficient, and highly personalized financial services that go beyond mere transactions. Our aim is to serve as a comprehensive resource for all your financial needs, from tax preparation and financial planning to bookkeeping and investment advice. We leverage cutting-edge technology to make our services accessible and convenient, without sacrificing the personal touch that is so crucial in financial dealings. We believe that financial management should be transparent, understandable, and tailored to the individual needs of each client. Through continuous innovation, rigorous professionalism, and uncompromising ethical standards, we strive to exceed expectations and set new benchmarks for excellence in virtual financial services. Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients to make informed financial decisions, achieve their financial goals, and secure a prosperous future.

Our Core Ethics

Bookkeeping Services

Maintain accurate financial records with our comprehensive bookkeeping services. This includes tracking expenses, managing invoices, and preparing financial statements.

Business Consulting

Maintain accurate financial records with our comprehensive bookkeeping services. This includes tracking expenses, managing invoices, and preparing financial statements.

Automated Marketing Funnels

Leverage the power of automated marketing funnels to nurture leads and convert them into paying clients. This service includes setting up email sequences, landing pages, and tracking analytics.

SMS Marketing

Reach your clients directly through SMS. This service includes setting up automated text messages for appointment reminders, promotions, and updates.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage all your client interactions and data in one place. Our CRM service helps you keep track of client communications, appointments, and important milestones.

SEO Services

Improve your website's search engine ranking with our SEO services. This includes keyword research, on-page optimization, and backlink strategies.

Reputation Management

Monitor and manage your online reputation. This service includes tracking reviews, responding to feedback, and implementing strategies to improve your online ratings.

Virtual Assistants

Outsource routine tasks to our virtual assistants so you can focus on growing your business.

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Maximizing Tax Deductions: Strategies for Individuals and Businesses

February 21, 20243 min read

As tax season draws near, mastering the art of maximizing tax deductions becomes paramount for both individuals and businesses. Harnessing available deductions can significantly lower your taxable income and ultimately reduce your tax burden. But first, let's dive into the meaning of tax deductions first.

Tax deductions are like hidden treasures buried within the intricate maze of tax laws. They're expenses that you can subtract from your taxable income, ultimately reducing the amount of money the taxman can claim from you. Think of them as little victories sprinkled throughout your financial landscape, where every dollar you deduct is a dollar saved.

Standard deductions vs itemized: Which is better when filing taxes?

But why are they so crucial to maximize? Well, picture this: You're on a quest to conquer Mount Taxmore, and every deduction you claim is like a sturdy rope helping you ascend to the summit of financial freedom. By maximizing your deductions, you're not just trimming your tax bill – you're building a fortress of financial security.

Now, let's break it down a bit further. Tax deductions come in various shapes and sizes, from the humble office supplies you purchase for your home-based business to the grandiose mortgage interest payments on your dream home. Each deduction represents a piece of the puzzle in your quest to pay less to Uncle Sam and keep more for yourself.

But here's the kicker – not all deductions are created equal. Some are like golden nuggets waiting to be unearthed, while others may require a bit more sleuthing to uncover. That's where savvy financial planning and a keen eye for detail come into play.

Here's a guide to help you navigate this process effectively:

  1. Keep Detailed Records: Documenting your expenses meticulously throughout the year is essential for identifying potential deductions. Whether it's business-related costs, charitable donations, or medical expenses, maintaining accurate records ensures you don't miss out on deductible items.

  2. Utilize Retirement Accounts: Contributions to retirement savings vehicles like 401(k)s, IRAs, and SEP-IRAs can often be deducted from your taxable income. Consider maximizing your contributions to these accounts to simultaneously build your retirement nest egg and reduce your tax bill.

  3. Leverage Homeownership Benefits: Homeowners may qualify for various tax deductions, such as mortgage interest, property taxes, and home office expenses for those who work remotely. Explore all available deductions related to homeownership to optimize your tax savings.

  4. Claim Business Expenses: For businesses, deducting eligible expenses is essential for lowering taxable income. This includes costs like office supplies, travel expenses, advertising, and professional fees. Ensure you retain receipts and documentation to substantiate these deductions.

  5. Explore Tax Credits: Tax credits provide a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your tax liability, making them extremely valuable. Research available credits for individuals and businesses, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit.

  6. Harness Charitable Contributions: Donating to qualified charities can yield valuable tax deductions. Keep thorough records of both cash donations and donated goods, and obtain receipts for all contributions made.

  7. Consider Dependent Care Credits: If you incur expenses for childcare or dependent care services, you may be eligible for tax credits. Investigate options like the Child and Dependent Care Credit to offset these costs.

  8. Stay Informed About Tax Law Changes: Tax laws undergo frequent revisions, affecting available deductions and credits. Stay abreast of these changes and seek guidance from tax professionals to ensure you're maximizing your tax benefits.

By maximizing your deductions, you're essentially playing a strategic game of financial chess with the IRS. You're strategically positioning yourself to minimize your tax liability while staying within the bounds of the law. It's like a dance between you and the taxman, where every move you make puts you one step closer to victory.

So, whether you're a seasoned tax pro or a newcomer to the world of deductions, remember this: Maximizing your tax deductions isn't just about saving money – it's about taking control of your financial destiny. It's about harnessing the power of the tax code to build a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones.

By implementing these strategies, individuals and businesses can strategically reduce their tax liabilities and retain more of their earnings. Start planning for tax season today to optimize your financial outlook!

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